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Welcome to Panchratna, Goat Farm

India is the second largest among the developing countries which contain 80% of the global Goat population. This clearly states the importance of goat farming in India. In India, where the human population is very high and land available for farming is very less, goat farming is the suitable option for small scale farmers. It is one of the main sources of revenue for thousands of small scale farmers in India.

Panchratna Goat Farm is one such goat farm which is located in Pune, Maharashtra, where goat farming is done. If you are looking for goats of breeds Boer and Osmanabadi goat and their hybrids, then we are here for you. We offer healthy and fleshy Boer bucks and Osmanabadi does hybrids at affordable prices.

Considering Goat farming being the backbone of Indian farming industry, especially in rural areas, we provide you with best quality of goats for meat and milk purpose in Pune.

Goats are reared mainly for two purposes, one for milk and other for meat purpose. We provide you with both of these of good quality.

The Housing - State of Art housing is developed for rearing of goats

Fodder – The farm has cultivated fodder crops. The crops are selected considering the nutritional requirement of goats.

Veterinary Aid – The farm has engaged veterinarian to manage vaccination and other requirements.

Training – Farm has constructed training hall for growers. Training will be imparted for taking up economically viable goat rearing. The participants will be provided training material, practical sessions, field visit ad project report.

Breeds We Provide

Pancharatna Goat Farms


Boer is a goat that is imported from South Africa. This breed has more...

Pancharatna Goat Farms


Local goat breeds comprise of selective breeds which are generally...



Osmanbadi Does are considered to be one of the best among the goats...



Sirohi is the breed which is used mainly for meat. The milk yield is...